DataScience@UB is part of the team led by the startup 8Wires, which has obtained a contract of 75,000 euros in the first phase of the call for the European Live Incite competition, which leads the Swedish Hospital Karolinska, along with other hospital centers like the Clinic of Barcelona. The Habeats project, within the health sector, aims to find innovative solutions to promote changes in the lifestyle of patients before and after an intervention to reduce their risk.

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DataScience@UB founding member of the new initiative

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The DataScience@UB group, the founding member of the initiative, was born with the aim of turning Barcelona into a center for debate, discussion and reflection on Artificial Intelligence.

Silver Prize Winner in the MWS Challenge 2018, with Network Efficency Based on Mobility

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Mobile World Scholar Congress 2018

Silver Prize winner in the Mobile World Scholar Challenge for submission entitled “Network Efficiency based on Mobility” (Authors Albert Díaz-Guilera and Josep Perelló, from DataScience@UB & UBICS (Institut of Complex Systems) Research groups from University of Barcelona)

Mobile World Scholar Challenge



Big Data Bootcamp

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DataScience@UB, together with the 8Wires consultancy, organized the first Data Breakfast with Data Scientists experts, to explore working methodologies in projects created from the data.