The DataScience@UB group has 2 openings for PhD positions.

The available positions are fully funded by the Catalan government under the Industrial Doctorates Plan.

The topics are:

  • Large-scale machine learning for financial recommender systems
  • Towards more interpretable machine learning models

The aim of the Industrial Doctorates Plan is to contribute to the competitiveness and internationalisation of Catalan industry, strengthen the tools for recruiting the talent generated in the country and place future PhD holders in the right place to carry out R&D&I projects in a company.

The essential element of the industrial doctorate process is the research project carried out at a company, where doctoral students will further develop their research training in collaboration with a university, and which is the object of a doctoral thesis. Therefore, the industrial doctorates act as a bridge for knowledge transfer and encourage closer ties between Catalan industry, universities and research centres.


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