The researchers Santí Seguí, Laura Igual, an others DataScience @ UB investigators, have published the textbook and reference “Introduction to Data Science: A Python approach to Concepts, Techniques and Applications.” The work presents an introduction to the interdisciplinary and emerging principals in the field of Data Science. The book covers the key concepts adopted in the statistics and automatic learning techniques for the analysis graph, in parallel programming, and the practical application of  data science to make systems of recommendation and analysis of feelings. Topics: provides numerous case studies using real world data and through experience with Python, helps understanding the problems of Data science.

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DataScience@UB obtains the accreditation of TECNIO center

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DataScience@UB obtains the accreditation of  TECNIO center, the developer of the most innovative technologies and facilitator that participates in the process of transfer of technology and knowledge to the company.

Data and development cooperation

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The General Management of Development Cooperation commissioned DataScience@UB to organize the debate session on the participatory process ‘Vision 2030: The Catalan contribution to global development’, devoted to the world of data in the field of development cooperation .