Jordi Vitrià, Director of the DataScience@UB research group, has been invited as a lecturer at the Seventh European Business Intelligence & Bigdata Summer School (eBISS 2017) in Brussels, with the talk: Let’s open the black box of deep learning! This summer school, presented by leading researchers, is an opportunity for graduate students to acquire theoretical, practical and collaborative skills necessary to develop innovative Business Intelligence applications.

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DataScience@UB obtains the accreditation of TECNIO center

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DataScience@UB obtains the accreditation of  TECNIO center, the developer of the most innovative technologies and facilitator that participates in the process of transfer of technology and knowledge to the company.

Data and development cooperation

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The General Management of Development Cooperation commissioned DataScience@UB to organize the debate session on the participatory process ‘Vision 2030: The Catalan contribution to global development’, devoted to the world of data in the field of development cooperation .