Physical activity and poor diet are major risk factors for metabolic disorders and the main causes of premature mortality. Efforts and tools to track lifestyles, identify trends and risk profiles, and provide individuals with continuous personalised and expert feedback are hugely important. This project consists of the design, development and validation of an intelligent system for acquiring and recording individuals’ personalised information in order to encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle based on behavioural skills, nutrition patterns and adequate physical activity. Based on wireless camera technology and advanced artificial vision, this system will have the capacity to track and quantify the behaviour of individuals for long periods of their daily lives.

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Albert Díaz-Guilera, gives the course on Trends in Analytics: Network Science at Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

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Albert Díaz-Guilera, researcher of the group DataScience@UB, is invited to give the summer School course at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of the Andes, Colombia: Trends in Analytics: Network Science.

Jordi Vitrià, Director of the DataScience@UB group, invited to Business Intelligence & Bigdata Summer School in Brussels

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Jordi Vitrià, Director of the DataScience@UB reasearch group, presents the talk “Let’s open the black box of deep learning!” at the Business Intelligence & Bigdata Summer School in Brussels

"INTRODUCTION TO DATA SCIENCE" published by Laura Igual and Santi Seguí and other researchers from the group DataScience@UB

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The researchers Santí Seguí, Laura Igual, an others DataScience @ UB investigators, have published the textbook and reference “Introduction to Data Science: A Python approach to Concepts, Techniques and Applications.”