Expert system of data automatic interpretation


Invalcor is a center specialized in the functional assessment of the locomotor system that by means of advanced technology objective aspects such as the measure of the mobility, strength, power, resistance, or fatigue of a damaged body region. The company is interested in designing a prediction system that, based on the historical data of its activity, attends the diagnosis work to doctors.


DataScience @ UB group has developed a predictive model by means of advanced regression algorithms with the aim of obtaining the maximum success in the diagnosis of the tests. This model allows the company to have the knowledge generated for a long time based on the experience accumulated by professionals who have treated hundreds of cases. The model can be used in different environments and situations: as a reference system in the case of expansion of the business through franchises, as a training system for newcomers, etc.


Practical knowledge accumulated during the practice of a profession is an intangible of high value that can be preserved in many cases and especially in those where professional practice has a high digitization component. The digital traces of biomechanical evaluations have been sufficient in this case to make a decision-making aid model that can improve the professional practice of the center’s employees and also open up new business opportunities.

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