Mobile World Scholar Congress 2018

Silver Prize winner in the Mobile World Scholar Challenge for submission entitled “Network Efficiency based on Mobility” (Authors Albert Díaz-Guilera and Josep Perelló, from DataScience@UB & UBICS (Institut of Complex Systems) Research groups from University of Barcelona)
The Mobile World Scholar Challenge is a competition, hosted by GSMA, directed at University researchers eager to showcase their innovations and potential products and services that will revolutionize and disrupt the technology industry.

Network Efficency based on Mobility

In a hyperconnected world, full of mobile devices whose owners move according to different patterns, depending on their personal characteristics and the environment, we must know how this interconnection and mobility interact.



Thousands of people leaving a sports stadium looking for transport, hundreds of train users arriving simultaneously to the main stations of the big cities looking for a rental bicycle,…These would be two of the possible cases in which users search for the same type of information. Simultaneously, through servers without taking into account the possible interaction between mobile devices in order to save the use of central servers. We must take into account these possible interactions between the devices, but for this we must establish communication protocols that are efficient, based not only on knowledge of the associated technology (both communication and information processing) but also on the connections that they establish with the mobility of the users.

In our group we have investigated in the last years different communication models that depend on mobility. Knowing in detail, even in a statistical way and without going into privacy details, mobility patterns in different types of spaces will help us to design communication protocols that can adapt to those patterns and that communication between devices is more efficient.

Mobile World Scholar Challenge

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