The IGCC needs to have an expert system that allows to automate the processes of updating the topographic maps for the generation of road maps of the Catalan territory. The ICGC has provided orthoimages with a GSD of 25 or 50 cm of Catalonia for two different years. These data should serve to develop a functional prototype that demonstrates the viability of the objective and also its ability to scale to the volume of data that represents the totality of Catalonia.


Development of a computer tool, generated by deep neuronal networks, of automatic detection of changes of the territory through the identification in images of 5 classes: roads, roundabouts, buildings, green areas, other areas. The objective of this tool, called an expert system, is to represent an effective complement that complements the current processes of updating the topographic maps that are already being developed at the ICGC.


Have updated maps that at shorter time intervals favoring a better interpretation of the territory for territorial and urban planning.

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